This is a great 'pick me up' if you feeling down type of video!
So important to network on these sites, keep your profile updated regularly, log in daily and follow new users, add your articles, videos, join discussion groups, post comments, build relationships, discover new marketing tips/ideas/secrets, but don't just use them to post your business links. Create more with your networking sites, get more interest to you, more traffic to your main website - you don't need to have an expensive profile, the free account is packed with features. Visit, join, create your profile, then come and read my new article, just posted today! Join me at IM!
This really is a great little site for advertising and building a downline in 15 ad sites AdMatrix
How about complete mentoring and advisory service, set up to be as much as when you need as possible? No call or link to be added to either my subscription service (completely separate and available for those without the time for personal contact), or to my own primary business.
Your business deserves to be alive and kicking butt!

So how can you achieve that? Well, it's not so difficult really. You start first with you own place on the Internet - mine is - this domain was purchased from GoDaddy at around £15 per year, it is hosted at present at for free, this is to demonstrate to you (my valuable client base) that expense is not always required, neither is experience or any real skill. also provides an excellent start point for your free site. Naturally I can also provide a complete unlimited hosting service (paid) for as many domains/sub domains as you require - simply request information from me direct please.

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If you want to succeed online you need a primary business, you need your own list of customers, you need your own traffic sources, you need your own special unique website or blog, you need your own unique domain name, you need your own hosting, you need your own auto-responder account, you need your own tracking, you need your own video hosting, you need your own social/business networking accounts, you need your own articles, you need your own mailing series... need training and you need someone to turn to who will not vanish into thin air just because you don't immediately join their primary business

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